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Structure vs Function


Not all feeding and nursing problems arise from a structural tissue restriction such as a tongue tie or lip tie.  Many babies just need a gentle release and reintegration of their bodies after experiencing the birthing process.

Some children look restricted yet function normally.  Other children look normal yet struggle with acceptable function.

By optimizing function through BabyLase before permanently altering structure through surgery, you can offer your child the best of both worlds.

Neurological Integration


BabyLase has the unique benefit of helping your child's brain and body integrate through the sophistication of modern technology.

Helping babies overcome the obstacles of a traumatic birth and/or pregnancy is one of the best gifts that you can offer your child.

This safe and gentle therapy is also performed on the mothers prior to treating the baby to not only allow her to experience the procedure, but to also optimize the outcome for the procedure.  The endorphins released through this procedure provide both mother and baby a state of well-being unlike any other experience and that supports relaxation and bonding.

Functional Assessment


The decision on whether or not your child needs a surgical approach to address tongue and lip ties should be taken very seriously.

By choosing the non-surgical approach before committing to surgery, you can not only offer your child a better opportunity for success after the surgery if it is needed, but also have the possibility of avoiding the surgery completely.

How does Babylase work?

Basic science and procedure

A laser light of a very specific frequency which feels like a mild warmth is applied in a carefully planned sequence to the head, neck and mouth of the patient.  This wavelength of invisible light allows tight and damaged tissues to relax by increasing circulation and reducing the restrictions specifically related to the fascial layer of the body.  By targeting the areas of restriction while maximizing the impact of tissue relaxation, pain reduction, inflammation reduction and increasing blood flow, there is a profound ability of the body to heal and integrate from trauma.  This technique is similar to the concept of photobiomodulation with the additional secondary  benefits of cranial nerve stimulation, primitive reflex integration and neurointegration.  In other words, the tissue that has been damaged is allowed to repair while simultaneously being "re-introduced" to the brain as happy, healthy, fully functioning tissue.

The results from treatment are often instant and profound while other times is slower in onset and more subtle in quality.  

To experience this therapy is to believe its effects.  Parents are encouraged to experience the therapy before their children are treated.  It is highly recommended that the patient work with body workers and those trained in oral motor therapies (speech and language pathologist, infant feeding specialist, certified oral myologist, chiropractor, physical therapist, craniosacral therapist, osteopathic physician, etc) before therapy to get baseline assessments as well as follow up sessions within 3 days of receiving BabyLase.  The effects of this highly specialized and customized treatment are often experienced not only as an instantaneous release, but also a continued response lasting days and weeks made even more effective by complimentary care provided by  trained and experienced professionals.

BabyLase Therapy allows for a time of healing and recovery as well as opportunities for forward progress not possible without this powerful clinical tool.

Each child is different and their responses are assessed by skilled and experienced providers as well as their parents and caregivers.

Each provider is different and their skill set is based on their experience , training and certifications.

Please make sure that you ask your provider about their training, experience and results before deciding on the care of you or your child.  


Based on the work of Dr. Darick Nordstrom


ALF Therapy

Dr. Nordstrom's principle based inventions and innovations have changed the course of dental sleep medicine, craniofacial orthopedics and the overall understanding of the effects of laser physiology.    As the innovator or the only dental appliance that harnesses the power of the tongue to guide facial growth, the principles of successful oral function have guided his philosophies into developing OraLase and BabyLase.


OraLase Therapy

Dr. Nordstrom's development of the specific frequencies, sequence and protocols used to deliver OraLase Therapy for children and adults have now been applied to use in infants and toddlers.  


Cutting edge, without the cutting

Conservative, cautious, considerate, reversible and non-invasive.

By respecting the anatomy and physiology as well as honoring the principles of natural function, providers are able to assist their patients in maximizing function before, during and after a surgical release if deemed necessary.

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